We recently replaced our heat press at our Tomball store (our presses get more use in 1 week than most do in a year!) and we decided to go with this one; a 15″x15″ Power Heat Press. It is the perfect size for a crafter because it can fit just about anywhere while still giving you the adequate surface area for just about any project. It has been such a dream that we now use this exact one in all of our stores! And it is now available at a great price!!! With FREE Shipping! You don’t normally see a price like this outside of the holiday season, so if your in need – get this one before the price goes up! We highly recommend it!


If you are more interested in a swing away heat press, we highly recommend this one! I started out with this swing away heat press and it was amazing! Not to mention that it comes with additional presses such as a heat press (which can be pricey on its own). This press lasted FOREVER!

The benefits of a swing away heat press is that the hot plate is swung away from your hands to minimize burns. It also allows for the entire plate to be accessed for easy placement. The downside is that a swing away does require a bit more storage room. If you have the room, and like the added options, this press is definitely the way to go!