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Frequently Asked Questions

Customers must have a CSDS account in order to exchange/return items for store credit. All purchases made by non-account holders are FINAL.

In our storefronts we offer an exchange policy that allows customers to bring purchased items back with a receipt within 30 days to exchange an item or receive store credit. Items must be in orignal condition. Refunds will not be given.

Online orders that were shipped to the customer can be returned for exchanges/store credit within 30 days of the delivery date. If the customer has a problem with the order they received in the mail they need to contact customer service by email within 30 days of receiving their order in the mail. You can contact customer service at info@csdsvinyl.com.

Local Pick Up orders, once signed for, are considered complete and correct. Customers can bring back unused, undamaged items within 30 days of receipt for an exchange/store credit ONLY IF ITEMS ARE STOCKED IN STORE. If the items are not stocked in store, the customer will need to contact customer service by email to process the return. 

Warehouse Local Pick Up orders will be given a copy of their signed invoice stating date of pick up. They may take this invoice copy to any store front within 30 days to exchange/receive store credit ONLY IF ITEMS ARE STOCKED IN STORE.

If there are any issues with a local pick up the customer should NOT sign for the order as signing for the order indicates that you are receiving all items in full AS IS. A sales associate will initiate contact with customer service to resolve any issues before customer leaves the store with their order.

ChromaBlast Transfers

Chromablast Transfers are one of the NEWEST products to CSDS Vinyl and we are so excited about it! By offering Chromablast transfers to our customers, we are hoping to open a whole new world of high quality, amazing images that complement our already vast inventory of heat transfer vinyl, adhesive vinyl, printed vinyl, blanks and so much more!

We also want to educate our customers about Chromablast transfers and what they can do for you! So please read the information we have gathered below and get excited to create amazing and beautiful garments for yourself, your family and friends and even your own customers!

All of our Chromablast transfers are offered in the following sizes:

3.5″ on the longest side – Pocket

5″ on the longest side – Infant

7″ on the longest side – Toddler

9″ on the longest side – Youth

11”-12″ on the longest side – Adult

ChromaBlast Transfers differ from Sublimation Transfers because ChromaBlast is used with cotton fabrications while Sublimation is used with polyester fabrications. In order for ChromaBlast Transfers to work properly, they will need to be used with at least 50% Cotton fabrics. The closer to 100% Cotton, the brighter the images will appear!

ChromaBlast is a transfer technology that uses a matching system of special inks and paper to produce ChromaBlast transfer images that may be applied to white or light colored 100% cotton garments or fabrics. This technology is similar to sublimation, in that it also uses heat and pressure to transfer the image onto the fabric, except that sublimation works only on polyester or polyester-coated materials, whereas ChromaBlast is designed exclusively for cotton apparel. ChromaBlast enables you to transfer detailed photographic images onto cotton products, reproducing all of the vibrant colors and image details.

Because ChromaBlast ink is translucent, the full range of colors will only be visible on a white or very light-colored background. Therefore, black and most dark-colored fabrics are not suitable for ChromaBlast applications.

Simply place the fabric or garment you want to decorate on a heat press, and then place the printed media, with its reverse-printed image, on top of the fabric (printed side against the fabric), and apply the correct amount of heat and pressure for a specified time. Once the ink reaches a certain temperature, it is forced from the media into the surface of the fabric. When the process is completed, you simply remove the item from the press, and remove the media from the garment, leaving the permanently imprinted image in the fabric.

Application Instructions

  1. Place the garment on the heat press, and place the ChromaBlast paper, with the image facing down, over the garment. Close the heat press.
  2. Press garment at 375 degrees Farenheit with high pressure (60 psi) for 30-40 seconds.
  3. After the allotted time, release the press. While still hot, and with an even motion, peel the ChromaBlast paper off the garment (hot peel)
  4. While still hot, stretch the image area from top to bottom and side to side to reduce the hand on the fabric.

Tips & Suggestions

  • Calibrating the heat press is recommended to ensure an accurate temperature. For this procedure, temperature test strips are more accurate than the use of infrared temperature guns.
  • If desired, you may trim the non-printed media around the printed image before transferring to garments. Leaving a ¼” margin around the printed area is highly recommended for light-colored garments.
  • If possible, avoid pressing any zippers, buttons or other plastic decorations attached to the garment. The heat and pressure needed to bond the ink to the cotton fabric may cause these to crack or melt.
  • If immediately after pressing, the paper is not easily peeled from the garment and resists removal because the transfer is somewhat tacky, increase the amount of cure time.
  • If immediately after pressing, the transferred image has a slick or shiny appearance, increase the amount of pressure used.
  • Different cotton fabrics will exhibit slightly different results. Please test your fabric before pressing your final design to ensure desired results.


Sublimation Transfers are the NEWEST product to CSDS Vinyl and we are so excited about it! By offering sublimation transfers to our customers, we are hoping to open a whole new world of high quality, amazing images that compliment our already vast inventory of heat transfer vinyl, adhesive vinyl, printed vinyl, blanks and so much more!

We also want to educate our customers about sublimation transfers and what they can do for you! So please read the information we have gathered below and get excited to create amazing and beautiful garments for yourself, your family and friends and even your own customers!

All of our sublimation transfers are offered in the following sizes:

3.5″ on the longest side – Pocket

5″ on the longest side – Infant

7″ on the longest side – Toddler

9″ on the longest side – Youth

12″ on the longest side – Adult

Sublimation is a little more complicated than simple heat transfer vinyl. But don’t let that scare you! Sublimation ink, when heated, turns into a gas that actually embeds itself into anything with a polyester coating. This creates a cleaner, more professional look while allowing for a much more detailed image than what heat transfer vinyl can offer. Shading, gradients and a rainbow of colors are huge benefits to using sublimation transfers. There is no difference in feeling between the image and the shirt.

Sublimation must be used with at least 50% polyester (white or light colored garment) but will show better results the closer to 100% polyester your garment is (white or light colored garment). The higher the polyester content, the brighter and clearer your image will be. The lower the polyester content, the more vintage, faded or aged your image will be. Also, with a lower polyester content, you may see your image fade slightly with the first wash.

Sublimation printing, also referred to as dye sublimation printing, is a printing method for transferring images onto a substrate (usually a cloth material such as polyester). Sublimation refers to a process where a substance moves from a solid to a gas state without ever being in a liquid state. Sublimation printing normally involves the use of a digital printer to produce mirrored images on paper that has been specially coated with a transfer material.

Heating Process

The transfer paper typically is placed into a heat press with the substrate and exposed to temperatures from 350 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. This allows the ink and transfer material to move into the gas state. Once the ink and transfer material are in a gas state, they permeate the fibers of the substrate material.

Ink Transfer and Bonding

When the heat is removed from the transfer paper and substrate, the ink that has permeated the substrate fibers solidifies and is locked permanently into place by the transfer material. Assuming the procedure has been performed correctly, the image should never be subject to deterioration beyond that of the substrate itself.

*The above information was sourced from https://bizfluent.com

Application Instructions

  • Set temperature on heat press to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Set timer to 60 seconds.
  • Set Pressure at medium.
  • Place paper face down on garment. The garment needs to be at least 50% polyester and white or light color fabric.
  • Press at 400 degrees F for 60 seconds with medium pressure
  • Remove paper immediately and peel hot. Allow garment to cool.

Our wholesale program is simple. The more you buy, the better your pricing.


We require all wholesale account holders to be tax-exempt and be able to provide to provide the appropriate documentation.

If you would like to become a wholesale customer, create an account on our website (csdsvinyl.com) and email wholesale@csdsvinyl.com with the subject "Wholesale Account Request". In your email, include the name of your business and the email associated with your CSDS account. Attach a photo of your Sales and Use Tax Permit. The information on the permit must match the customer information given, including the address on file. You must also fill out and attach a Texas Sales and Use Resale Certificate (Form 01-339).

Wholesale accounts are handled in the order they are received and are usually updated in 1-2 business days. Those that follow the instructions will see their applications processed much faster than those that do not.

Products and pricing can only be seen by approved accounts when signed in.


CSDS Vinyl Wholesale purchases are held to a $250 minimum order.

All non-printed vinyl is offered in 10 yard, 25 yard and 50 yard increments.

Printed vinyl and all Sublimation/Chromablast transfers are offered in quantities of 6 and 12. Prints will come on a roll, not cut down. Cutting down is the responsibility of the buyer.

Blanks are offered in minimum increments on a specific product basis. Please read all descriptions for specific minimums.

Prices are reflected once the required amount of items are added to the cart. 


All non-printed/non-custom orders can take up to 72 hours to process. All printed/custom orders can take up to 7 business days to process. *In the event that your order requires additional processing time, our customer service department will reach out to you with this matter.

All shipped orders will be contacted by customer service and invoiced separately for the shipping cost. CSDS Vinyl reserves the right to hold the order until the shipping invoice has been paid. 


We also want to help you further your business by providing tools you will need to increase your sales. Periodically, we will post useful tips that you can share with your customers or sales tactics you can work into your sales cycles. We will also include instructions for either yourself or for you to provide for your customers. If you have a company emblem you would like to be added to these set of instructions, please send that to us and we can add it for you.


Any questions you may have can be emailed to wholesale@csdsvinyl.com

Our local pickup options are designed to allow customers to order online and have their order sent to the store of their choice for pickup. We have created this option mostly for those customers that would like to order specific printed vinyl or those who want to participate in online sales. However, this option is available to any customer for any purchase.

Local pickup orders are not available for pickup the same day the order is placed. All orders placed online, regardless of their shipping or pickup method, are processed at our warehouse location. The following local pickup schedule DOES NOT apply to orders that contain pre-orders of any kind or orders that contain items purchased during a sale or promotion. Those follow their own delivery schedule. If you have any questions regarding this process, please email us at info@csdsvinyl.com or call us at 832-639-8785 Monday-Friday 9am-4pm.

The local pickup schedule is as follows:

Orders placed on Thursday after 1pm-Monday by 1pm will be sent to the store on Tuesday. Orders placed on Monday after 1pm-Thursday by 1pm will be sent to the store on Friday.

If you can not wait for your order to be delivered to the store of your choice, we recommend several options:

  • You can forgo the online ordering method, and walk in to the store of your choice and make your purchase then.
  • You can have your order shipped to you. Shipping rates will apply accordingly.
  • You can pickup at our Warehouse Location. Please see details below.

We do offer Local Pickup at our Warehouse location. Pickup times for this location are Monday-Friday 9am-4pm only at this time. If you choose this option, you will be called once your order is processed for pickup. This option will be the fastest option, given that you are able to pickup within the time frame listed above. Only those customers that have received a phone call will be allowed to pickup from our warehouse. Please keep in mind, we can not guarantee same day pickup for this option. Most non printed orders are ready next business day for warehouse pickup.

If you need to change the method of local pickup, you are more than welcome to contact us at info@csdsvinyl.com or call customer service at 832-639-8785. Customer service hours are Monday – Friday 9am-4pm.

Online pre-order items are temporarily unavailable. We are working on an arrangement with a company that will replace our former pre-order system and it will be complete and available in roughly 4-5 weeks. Until that time we will not be offering any alternatives. Thank you!

Yes! Once your order has shipped, you are provided with tracking information via email. You can also login to your account and view each and every order you have placed and see the tracking information for each.

  • Adhesive Vinyl Sheets (Oracal, CSDS Vinyl, Printed) – 12″x12″
  • Adhesive Vinyl Yards (Oracal, CSDS Vinyl, Printed) – 12″x36″
  • Window Cling Sheets – 12″x12″
  • Siser Easyweed HTV Sheets (regular, electric, stretch, fluorescent): 12″x14.75″
  • Siser Easyweed HTV Yards (regular, electric, stretch, fluorescent): 14.75″x36″
  • Siser Glitter/Holographic HTV Sheets – 12″x19.75″
  • Siser Glitter/Holographic HTV Yards – 19.75″x36″
  • Printed HTV/Glitter HTV Sheets: 12″x20″
  • Printed HTV/Glitter HTV yards: 20″x36″

All vinyl is subject to +/- 1/2″ in size.

Printed HTV/Glitter HTV will have a 1/2″ clearance on the edges.

Due to the volume of orders that CSDS Vinyl processes on a daily basis, we are unable to cancel orders once they are placed. We highly recommend if you have any reservations about an order you are about to place, please contact us before doing so. We would love to answer any and all questions you may have.

Unfortunately, due to the volume of orders that CSDS Vinyl processes daily, along with our promise of same day shipment, we can not allow changes to be made to an order once it has been placed. This greatly slows down the flow of processing orders and can delay others orders. We have made this decision for the benefit of ALL of our customers.

In an effort to save you $$$, we have forgone calculated shipping rates, and have moved over to flat rate shipping options based on your cart total. This has been designed with our customers in mind and we just know you’re going to love it! You will notice that you will be spending several $$$ less in shipping as a result. Check it out:


Spend $0.01-$6.99 and your shipping costs $4.95

Spend $7.00-$24.99 and your shipping costs $6.95
Spend $25.00-$69.99 and your shipping costs $7.95
Spend $70.00-$99.00 and your shipping costs $8.95

Spend $7.00-$24.99 and your shipping costs $12.95
Spend $25.00-$69.99 and your shipping costs $14.95
Spend $70.00+ and your shipping costs $16.95

We offer free standard shipping for orders over $99.00! 

We will still offer FREE SHIPPING on orders of $50+ every Saturday like we already do. Saturday “FREE SHIPPING” will be shipped via the least expensive shipping option available.

In Store Pickup –

This option is designed for those who would like to order online and pick up in store at a later time (WE DO NOT OFFER SAME DAY PICKUP AT ANY LOCATION). When selecting STORE PICKUP for any of our stores, please keep in mind all online orders are fulfilled at our Warehouse location, and then delivered to each store weekly (Tomball and Pearland orders are delivered on Wednesdays. Conroe and Katy orders are delivered on Thursdays). Once it has arrived there, we will call and let you know it is ready to be picked up.

Local Pickup at our Warehouse Location –

Our warehouse is located at 9421 FM 2920 Bldg. 25 Tomball TX 77375. Our pickup times for this location are Monday-Friday 9am-4pm. Our warehouse is open to those customers who have been called and notified that their order is ready for pickup. We will not be able to assist customers in picking up their order until they have been called.


****Please note that once your package arrives at the post office, it becomes the post office’s responsibility. Their delivery times are completely out of our hands. We will do our best to assist those looking for their package’s whereabouts, but we are not responsible for it once it leaves our possession at the post office.

In the event that you are missing items from your order, we require that you contact us within 5 days from delivery of your order. This can be done through email at info@csdsvinyl.com . If you do not contact us within this time frame, the order will be considered accepted as is, and we will not be able to replace any items. Also, all orders are weighed when shipping labels are printed. This weight is documented. If you are missing items, we will compare the weight of your package at the time it left our store to the weight with the missing items. This helps us keep track of all things.

When you reach out to us at info@csdsvinyl.com regarding an order, please include pictures of the items you received (unrolled and spread out), your box, your shipping label, and the invoice that is included in your order. This will help expedite this process.

In the event that your package is damaged or lost, it is your responsibility to complete the necessary claim forms with USPS. We can offer assistance with this, but are not able to file those forms on your behalf. If your package is missing, but shows delivery, USPS may require you to fill out a theft report with your local police department before they proceed with claim forms. Again, this will have to be done by the customer, as CSDS Vinyl accepts no responsibility for packages once they show delivered by USPS.

All orders that are placed prior to 10am cst ( Monday-Friday) will ship same day as long as the items are in stock and are not apart of a pre-order. The exceptions to this are: 1) An item that is out of stock or becomes out of stock when purchased. 2) Order was placed during a promotion or sale (utilizing a coupon code) in which a large influx of orders is experienced. If either of these exceptions apply, you may experience up to 48 hours extended processing times.

Browse our large selection of products and add them to your shopping cart. Check out when finished.

Online we accept payment via PayPal or a credit/debit card.

In store we accept cash, credit or debit (Visa, MasterCard, or Discover). Credit and Debit are subject to a $10 minimum purchase requirement. We do not accept checks.

We offer thousands of custom printed patterns that you can purchase in

  • Adhesive vinyl (glossy or matte finish) – Printed on Orajet 3651 (equivalent to Oracal 651)
  • Glitter Adhesive Vinyl – Printed on CSDS Glitter adhesive (equivalent to Oracal 651)
  • Heat transfer vinyl – Printed on Siser Easyweed
  • Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl – Printed on Siser Glitter HTV
  • Window Cling

We offer these prints in 2 scale choices to better suit your projects. All of our prints come in the option of a sheet size or a yard size for those who need a bit more!

We are an Authorized Siser Seller and carry a full line of Siser heat transfer products.

Oracal adhesive vinyl.

We also offer specialty vinyl known as our own CSDS Vinyl brand. Our CSDS Vinyl brand of adhesive vinyl is sure to provide you with everything you need to create a unique and one-of-a-kind project.

We offer WEEKLY PRE ORDERS – these are items that our customers order every week by Wednesday at 12pm cst and they ship out by the following Monday. This gives our customers a huge variety of options for any project that they may have.

We add new blanks on a weekly basis and we are always expanding our inventory so please check back often.

If you have specific questions regarding your order please email us at info@csdsvinyl.com. This form of communication is to protect our customer’s information, and employees working in our storefronts will not have access to that information. Please include your name and order number to help expedite the communication process. All emails are returned within 24 hours during customer service business hours of 9am-4pm Monday through Friday.

Our physical store fronts are located at:

701 E. Main St. Suite 160A Tomball TX 77375 

1717 N. Frazier St. Suite L Conroe TX 77301 

870 S. Mason Rd. Suite 125 Katy TX 77451 

9515 W. Broadway St. Suite 113 Pearland TX 77584 

We are open:

Monday-Friday 9am-8pm

Saturday 9am-6pm

Sunday 12pm-6pm