Last week, our Texas Governor issued an executive order (GA-34) that takes effect today (3/10/2021). This executive order lifts the state wide mask wearing requirement as well as opens our state to 100% operating capacity for all establishments. Further, Governor Greg Abbott has left the responsibility of requiring a mask or not as well as capacity restrictions for businesses up to the businesses themselves. At CSDS Vinyl, we have taken this information very seriously, as the safety and well being for our staff, customers and community are most important to us. We also realize, that regardless of the decision we make regarding how we will operate going forward, any decision may result in disappointment from a portion of our customer base. Please understand, that as a small business, who greatly appreciates your continued support, we do not take this decision lightly. Throughout COVID-19, CSDS Vinyl has looked to our local officials for guidance on where, who, what, and how we were to operate during these times. With the latest guidance, CSDS Vinyl will operate as follows:
  • All CSDS Vinyl staff will continue to wear a mask on our properties
  • CSDS Vinyl will continue the safe cleaning and disinfecting practices we have adopted throughout the last year to ensure that all surfaces are cleaned regularly.
  • CSDS Vinyl will limit the amount of persons in any of our retail locations to 20. This includes our staff, customers, spouses and children. Should any of our retail establishments reach our max capacity of 20 persons, customers will be politely asked to remain outside until our capacity policy allows for them to enter.
  • CSDS Vinyl will HIGHLY encourage, but not require, our patrons to wear a mask or face shield.
If these decisions do not meet your standards, we do have alternate ways of shopping with us. Our website is open 24/7 for your convenience at
To close, we would like to thank all of our customers for their continued support throughout the last year. Without you, we would not be possible.