Product Description

This type of vinyl is used for permanent applications and is manufactured with the same clear, solvent-based, permanent adhesive that oracal 651 has. The major difference  between oracal 651 and oracal 951 is how thick the vinyl is. Oracal 951 is thinner than oracal 651, making it adhere to curved surfaces easier. Oracal 951 will also resist fading in direct sunlight longer than oracal 651, usually by 1-2 years. This vinyl has a glossy finish.  permanent application does not mean that the vinyl is stuck where ever  it is put forever. It simply means that the vinyl is not going to easily lift  and can be placed outdoors in the elements.

Oracal 951 Premium Cast

Thickness: 2 mil

Outdoor durability: 8 years

Gloss Finish

Adhesive: Solvent Polyacrylate, Permantent