Oracal 631 Temporary Adhesive

ORACAL 631 is the ideal vinyl for interior decor, wall graphics, indoor signage, and trade show & exhibition graphics. Developed originally for trade show displays, this high quality film features a matte finish and a removable adhesive. The matte finish prevents glare caused by indoor lighting from rendering graphics illegible. The removable adhesive means graphics can be removed from most wall surfaces with little effort and no messy residue.

This type of vinyl is used for wall applications and short term signage. It is manufactured with a clear, water-based, temporary adhesive. All temporary vinyl has a matte finish that makes placing it indoors more ideal and pleasing to the eye. Because of its’ water-based adhesive, this type of vinyl is not recommended for outdoors application as it will lift and separate from the substrate that it is applied to over time. Crafters like to use temporary vinyl as stencils when painting or etching because it is easily removable.

It should be noted that only temporary vinyl should be used on wall surfaces because it is easily removable. Using permanent adhesive vinyl on walls can result in loss of paint and sometimes drywall when the vinyl is removed.

    Applications: short- to medium-term applications indoors; specifically on painted drywall surfaces

    Thickness: 3 mil

    Durability: 3-5 years (indoor)

    Guaranteed to be 100-Percent compatible with craft cutters/punches and vinyl sign cutters. Not for use on interior walls. Vinyl is non-printable-vinyl and it will not work with inkjet or laser printing. The actual color of the vinyl may vary due to differences in computer display capabilities. Please allow for a /- 1/4″ clearance in sizing due to manufacturer and human error.