Siser EasyPSV Glitter

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"There's too much Glitter!" -No Crafter Ever.

EasyPSV Glitter by Siser is your everyday solution to blinging out everything in sight. This dazzling vinyl has a smooth but sparkly finish that can be applied to almost any hard surface - even curved items. Transform plain items into eye catching treasures with the gleaming glitz of EasyPSV Glitter. This cast vinyl is soft and pliable, so its ideal for tricky curved surfaces like wine glasses, ornaments, and buckets. The High-performance composition and permanent adhesive ensures a long-lasting durability, so you can bring EasyPSV Glitter wherever your creative imagination takes you!

EasyPSV Permanent Glitter Applies To:

Blade: Autoblade, Standard
Setting: Vinyl
Silhouette Cameo:
Blade: Autoblade, 3
Setting: Material: Vinyl, Glossy
Speed: 9
Force: 7
Scan N Cut:
Blade: 3
Cut Speed: 1
Cut Pressure: 2
Roland GS/GX-24:
Blade: 45°
Gram Force: 80-110
Offset: .250
Speed: 50 cm/s
Blade: 45°
Gram Force: 9
Tool: CB09U 0
Speed: 50 cm/s

Application instructions (home iron)
• Place EasyPSV with the liner side down and cut your design. (DO NOT reverse/mirror your design.)
• Weed excess vinyl.
• Remove the application tape's paper liner and place tape on top of EasyPSV.
• Burnish with a squeegee.
• Lift the application tape and EasyPSV away from the paper liner.
• Place the application tape on your desired object
• Burnish with a squeegee to fully adhere the design.
• Gently peel away the application tape, leaving just your EasyPSV design on the object. 

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