Acrylic Wine Bottle Stopper

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Acrylic Bottle Stopper

Our Round Acrylic Bottle Stopper blanks are ready for use or for crafting. This very popular stopper design is manufactured to the highest standards for quality and ready for personalization regardless if that happens to be via vinyl applique, laser engraving, hand-painting or other creative venue.

High impact acrylic resists crazing and cracking, will not yellow as result of exposure to either direct sunlight or incandescent lighting, cleans easily and is inexpensive to replace if needed. Lightweight yet "tough as nails", this one piece molded product includes a rubberized ribbed silicone stopper base for a tight, complete air seal protecting even the most expensive wines or other liquids from taste loss and allowing them to stay fresh for days on end.

Disc diameter measures 1.5" so there is plenty of room to be creative and 1/4" thick.

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