Oracal Complete Color Chart

Oracal Complete Color Chart

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ORACAL Color Guide

Oracal's comprehensive color guide containing color samples and specs. This is a great tool for helping your customers decide exactly which color they are looking for. This booklet includes actual colored vinyl samples labeled by name and color code for easy identification and selection. Each series includes product technical information, specifications and recommendations to assist you and your customers in choosing the right material for a quality application. Oracal Tech Tips summarize key differences in materials and adhesives to avoid application errors.

Cast Opaque & Metallic Films

Includes 7 new Oracal 951 Premium Cast colors for a total of 103 Oracal 951 swatches plus 49 Oracal 951 Premium Cast Metallic colors. This tab also represents 79 Oracal 751 High Performance Cast swatches.

Intermediate & Economy Films

Intermediate and economy films include Oracal 651 Intermediate, 641 Economy and 631 Exhibition Calendered films. Includes 61 actual samples 651, 60 of Series 641 and 53 of series 631.

Translucent & Transparent Films

The translucent and transparent films tab includes both cast and calendered films. 8800 Translucent Premium Cast includes 57 color samples and for Translucent Calendered Film, the 8500 series has 55 colors. Oracal's 8300 Series Transparent Cal film includes 30 actual samples.

Specialty Films

The Orafol specialty films tab includes swatch samples from their Oralux, Oramask and Oracal lines. Includes Oralux 9300 Luminescent Cast, Oramask 810, 810s, 811 & 813 stencil films. Oracal specialty films include 8810 Frosted Glass Cast, 8710 Dusted Glass Cast, 7510 Fluorescent Premium Cast, 6510 Fluorescent Cast, 383 Ultraleaf Cast and 352 Print-Polyester.

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